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If you experience erectile difficulties, you are not alone. Erectile difficulties are the most common sexual problem reported by men. ED is defined as difficulty with achieving or maintaining erection firm enough for sexual intercourse.


Please note though that it’s not uncommon at all for men of all ages to experience occasional erectile difficulties due to illness, medication side effects, stress, physical exhaustion or drugs and alcohol intake. These difficulties do not get diagnosed as a disorder (or dysfunction) unless they occur routinely (i.e., chronically).



Causes of chronic ED can be physiological (i.e., vascular, neurological, hormonal diseases), psychological (e.g., depression, performance anxiety, poor self-esteem), relational (i.e., interpersonal problems in a relationship), situational and stemming from the lack of psychosexual skills.



Treatment to restore sexual function depends on the causes underlying the dysfunction and includes cognitive-behavioral therapy, couples counseling, medication, use of vacuum devices and, much more infrequently, surgery. Certain changes in lifestyle habits can lower the risk for developing chronic ED.


If you struggle with ED, it is crucial for you to discuss your experiences with his partner (if you are in a relationship). While you might be experiencing shame, sense of inadequacy and decreased self-esteem, your partner likely feels confused, angry, undesirable, and rejected. A sex therapist can facilitate these conversations in a supportive and educational environment. 

If you would like to learn how sex therapy can be a good treatment option for you, please click below and book a free phone consultation with me.

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