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Couples Counseling and Sex Therapy
In-Person & Online

Are you struggling with sex, intimacy or relationships?


Do you need help with overcoming a sexual problem, regaining sexual confidence or rekindling the flame? 


Do you hope to rebuild connection with your partner and create a happier relationship?


Good quality relationships do not just happen. They take effort, commitment and effective relationship skills.


Likewise, despite the popular myth that great sex should happen organically and spontaneously, sex is actually a learned behavior and great  lovers are made not born.

So whether it is a sexual problem (e.g., sexual dysfunction, mismatched libidos) or lack of satisfaction with your relationship that keeps you up at night, I can help you navigate through these troubled waters successfully.

About Me

Dagmara "Daga" Svetcov
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Certified Sex Therapist
Certified Imago Relationship Therapist
EMDR Trained Therapist

Dagmara_Svetcov_Headshot_800 Pixels Wide

"Know thyself!"

The words of Socrates inspired me to become a psychotherapist and they continue to be the guiding principle of my work. 

My Practice

Common reasons why couples turn to counseling for help are poor communication, ineffective conflict management, disagreements about money or parenting, infidelity, sex, major life changes, feeling stagnant in a relationship or one partner struggling with an issue (e.g., depression, addiction) that affects their relationship. Couples therapy can help by teaching partners tools to improve conflict resolution, facilitate meaningful communication, encourage re-connection on a deeper level and, ultimately, help partners feel more secure and positive about their relationship. 

Sexual problems such as sexual dysfunctions (e.g., erectile dysfunction, premature or delayed ejaculation, pain during intercourse, or low sexual desire), "sexless" marriage, "mismatched" libidos  or out of control sexual behaviors (i.e., "sex addiction") can negatively affect a person's self-esteem and confidence as well as create sense of disconnection and conflict in a relationship. Fortunately, most of these sexual concerns can be successfully addressed and remedied in sex therapy.

LGBTQ+ affirming therapy is implemented when issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity are overarching. LGBTQ+ individuals often seek to enter therapy for the same reasons their non-LGBTQ+ counterparts do. However, LGBTQ+ individuals also often experience additional stressors related to their sexual orientation or gender identity and the ways in which these have been responded to by their families, community and society in general. LGBTQ+ affirming therapy provides a safe environment that supports LGBRQ+ clients's, self-discovery, self-affirmation as well as living authentically.

Out of Control Sexual Behavior
 ("Sex Addiction")

Problematic sexual behaviors in adults are labelled out-of-control or compulsive as well as "sexual addiction" or hypersexuality. No matter the label, this excessive and dysregulated sexual behavior involves consensual sexual urges, thoughts, or behaviors that feel out of control to the individual. These problematic sexual experiences generate significant negative consequences, cause distress and negatively affect various aspects of an individual's life (e.g., relationships, work, finances). I view and treat problematic sexual behavior as sexual health problems.


Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing

EMDR is a powerful, evidence-based therapy approach. It was developed in the late 1980's and its application and  effectiveness have been rigorously studied over the last three decades. Though originally thought of as treatment to address trauma related stress, scientific research to date has proven EMDR to be successful in  relieving symptoms of many types of psychological distress, including depression, anxiety, panic attacks, chronic illness, pain, sleep disturbances, grief, body dysmorphia and many more.

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